Tact and Respect in Debt Collections

If you’ve had trouble collecting on debts owed you, you may have thought of turning to a debt collection agency. You may also have put this off due to concerns you have–aren’t many debt collection agencies notorious for shady tactics, abusive practices, and general unethical behavior? And it’s true there are debt collection agencies out there who resort to any and all methods in order to collect. Perhaps they believe that the ends justify the means–that is, they label the debtors as ‘bad’ people who owe money and don’t deserve fair treatment. Well, the consequence of that is poor relationships and stubborn refusals to pay.

At Cascade Collections, we realize that you want to keep your customers happy and see your business thrive. You have to find a way to deal with delinquent payments without coming across as threatening or unjust. That’s why at Cascade Collections, we have a commitment to treating debtors with respect–listening to their concerns and doing our utmost to work with them and come up with ways to pay off their debts that work for them. We are firm, and we do apply pressure, but we follow Utah laws and we adhere to the old saying, “you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.”

If you’ve been looking for a way to collect, but have been reluctant to turn to an agency for help, wait no longer. Cascade Collections is a premier Utah establishment and we’ve collected thousands of dollars for Utah companies and individual clients. We will do so in a way that protects your reputation as a fair, honest, and trusted Utah company or entity. If you are an individual seeking remuneration, we give you just as much attention and help as the bigger guys.

Call us today and don’t wait any longer to collect on the money that is due to you.






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