Recover Debt Now

Are you dealing with customers, clients, or renters who owe you money? Some people will go to great lengths to avoid paying money they owe. Others may pay sporadically or make only partial payments. And some are in financial trouble and get very behind in their payments. How do you recover money that is rightfully owed to you?

You have probably already made multiple calls, sent emails, and given your customer(s) options to pay. You feel like you’ve tried to work with these people. In some ways you may feel that your patience and generosity have been taken advantage of. You may be right. In order to recover these funds, there comes a time when you should turn to a professional debt collector.

Cascade Collections has been collecting for years in Utah, and we’ve developed a comprehensive strategy and use proven methods to recover the money you are owed. We offer a free consultation wherein we’ll listen to your story and your concerns, as well as ask you probing questions to make sure we understand all aspects of your situation. Once we have all the details, we’ll be honest in assessing the chances that we can collect for you. When we take on your case, we will spring to action–part of being successful in debt recovery is acting quickly. We are determined and dogged in our pursuit of justice for you and your business.

In addition, we have an array of resources at our fingertips including a vast knowledge of Utah law regarding debt collection and an ability to trace debtors who have left town. We also have a close working relationship with a well respected law firm if we determine that a lawsuit is in order.  We know that trying to collect on a debt for individuals who are not accustomed to the process can be draining, time consuming, and tax your resources, that’s why we want to help! Call Cascade Collections today and let us recover for you.






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