Private Practice Physicians and Dentists Take Heart!

If you’re in private practice as a physician or a dentist, you’re probably very busy with the day-to-day of seeing patients, but you also have to deal with those who don’t pay their bills.

At Cascade Collections, we’ve made it our goal to collect on medical and dental bills in a reasonable, fair, and timely way. We use tact, good manners, and persuasiveness to help people meet their responsibilities. In fact, we employ a variety  methods to induce your customers to pay these bills. When we explain to them the consequences of not paying, we follow up and find ways to help them set up a payment method. We also have very close working relationships with local attorneys who can help us take more drastic measures to collect for you, should the need arise.

We know you’re just trying to do your job and provide great medical or dental care to your patients, and with all that you have on your plate, spending time trying to collect is just not feasible. And often, the receptionists and billing managers at your office aren’t prepared or trained in the way a professional agency like ours is. We devote all our resources, intelligence, talent, and knowledge to retrieving the money that is owed you. Don’t waste your time with out of state, out of touch collection agencies–with Cascade Collections you get a local agency whose personal touch means that anytime you have a concern or want an update on progress, you’ll get a real person who will bend over backward to keep your business and keep you happy.

We’ll take the time to sit down with you, hear you out and offer up our best solutions and we’re always willing and ready to have multiple meetings if you desire. We’ll keep in touch often, letting you know how things are going, and what new advances we have made with your case. And the best part is we give you a great deal in terms of the percentage we’ll keep. Most collection agencies can’t match us for low percentages and high rates of recovery. So give Cascade Collections a call today and let us do the collecting for you.






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