Let the Professionals Give You a Hand!

Do you have friends, relatives, associates or clients who owe you money? Are you tired of the hassle of trying to collect what is rightfully due to you? Then you have come to the right place. Cascade Collections has been providing help to people on the Wasatch Front and beyond for several years now.

Our collectors are firm, yet kind, engaging and effective. We have proven methods of getting results for our clients, no matter how large or small the debt. If you haven’t had any luck with your attempts to collect, it’s a great idea to turn it over to professionals who have proven, tried and tested ways of working with debtors. We don’t use coercion or threats, instead we help the debtor see the situation in a new light and we lead them to a deeper understanding of their responsibility. With a great deal of  knowledge about how to generate payments, and with a methodology that is based on a step by step plan to collect, we are able to collect on almost any type of debtor. We’re able to understand their concerns and then work with them in ways that make sense to them and give them the push they need to make good on their promises.

In addition, we listen to you! We recognize that each debt collection situation is different and thus what works for one client may not be the best fit for another. We try to stay flexible and open in the way that we approach each individual debtor. And, we understand that your insight can help us in our collections, and we know that using tried and true methods as well as using ingenuity in coming up with new ways to collect is the best practice. If you are ready to have the money owed you start flowing in, give us a call today and we’ll provide you with a free initial consultation.






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