Debt, debt, debt!

Deadbeat, cheat, welsher, crook, freeloader, sponger, moocher, swindler, cheapskate, skinflint, tightwad, fraudster, slacker, thief, defaulter, dodger, backslider, liar, phony, free rider, loafer, reneger, riffraff, robber, slickster. Whatever you want to call them, people who don’t pay their debts are the worst!

As long as people have been lending money, there have been people who have tried to weasel out of paying it back. Yes, all the way back to 3000 BC, when the first known debt collections occurred. Back then, if the debtor couldn’t cough up the goods, he, his wife, and his children were forced into debt slavery. That’s right, they would have to work for the creditor until they had paid off what they owed. Furthermore, in some communities, even the descendants of the original debtor might have to work to pay off their grandfather’s or great grandfather’s debt.

Now, maybe at this point those solutions are actually sounding pretty good to you, but we all know our civilizations have come a long way since then. Sorry, can’t force anyone into slavery anymore!

You see, even back in the old days, there were also customs to help the debtor, for example a kind of amnesty during certain times of the year, when debtors would be forgiven their debt. Another custom: setting a time limit on the debt so that eventually the debtor wouldn’t need to worry about it anymore.

Debt can be such a problem, in fact, that back in the day, some religions, especially the Abrahamic, discouraged people from lending to one another at all, which if you think about it, probably prevented a lot of headaches. But, in today’s world lending takes place all the time, and debts mount up and often aren’t paid.

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