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Collections Conundrum:

A scene: You’ve been renting out a home for many years now. Most of your renters have been on time with their payments and have treated your property with respect, but this last renter is giving you fits. You’ve given extensions, you’ve listened to a litany of excuses, you’ve threatened late fees and even eviction. But you know that if you kick them out, you may never see the back rent they owe you. You’re in a pickle! What do you do?

If this situation sounds familiar to you, or if you are owed money by acquaintances, family members, friends, business partners, renters or anyone else, you may be wondering how to solve this problem. We’re here to help. As an esteemed and highly effective debt collection agency, we’ve got the resources, time, and know-how to get results for you. Many debt collection agencies are large and have thousands of accounts they are working on, which means collecting for individuals or those who need to recover small amounts, well, those people get put on the back burner and sometimes seriously neglected. At Cascade Collections we know every client by name and we take your business seriously. We also work closely with a reputable attorney so that we have every resource available to help us collect for you.

If you’ve been wondering how to recover funds that are owed you, wonder and wait no longer. Collections doesn’t have to be a headache. Give us a call at Cascade Collections and let our friendly representative get you on board so we can start collecting for you. We offer a free consultation wherein you can explain your situation, all the factors involved, and then we will assess what we’ve heard and honestly evaluate whether our service is right for you. You’ve got nothing to lose, and funds to gain, so give us a call today!






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