Utah Debt Collectors

Simply put, Cascade Collections = Utah debt collectors.

We offer debt collection and recovery services to a variety of creditors. You can see a list of our Utah Debt services by clicking the link. Some questions to consider in choosing the right Utah debt collectors include the following:

  • How many types of debts do they collect?
  • Are their commission rates competitive?
  • Do they increase the commission if litigation ensues?
  • Do they ever sue account debtors in order to really enforce the credit agreement?
  • Do they offer to cover the costs and fees that are part of litigation?
  • Do they force the creditor to incur all the costs and fees of litigation?
  • Do they have lower commission rates but end up collecting less at the end of the day?
  • Do they have higher commission rates but end up collecting more at the end of the day?
  • Do they have the relationships in place with attorneys in order to efficiently recover your debt?
  • Do they send a monthly check of thousands of dollars to you, which represents pure profit since you weren’t relying on it?
  • Are they the Utah debt collectors like Cascade Collections?

Please consider the above questions before choosing your an agency to become your Utah debt collectors. Obviously we would like to get your business and start collecting on your behalf. We have a proven model and key relationships in place with attorneys licensed in both Utah and Idaho in order to effectively and efficiently recover your debt. Let us be your Utah debt collectors.

If you have any debt that needs to be collected, please give the Utah debt collectors a call. We can answer all of your questions and help you see that we are a good fit. We offer competitive rates and are able to recover more money. Call us now at (801) 900- DEBT or email us by going to our Contact Us page.