Medical/Dental Collections

At Cascade Collections, we recognize that you’re hiring us to recover more, and that you’d ideally like to pay less for that service. We’re here to accommodate your wants and needs.

Recovering for medical and dental debt requires tact and delicacy. You want to keep your clients and customers and continue to serve the community in a reputable manner, but you also need people to make good on their bills. At Cascade Collections, we do our utmost to help you preserve and protect your patient relationships. Our collections manager takes every call seriously and does the utmost to maintain positive dealings with debtors.

In addition, Cascade Collections is an affordable alternative to many collections agencies. We have a low rate that you will probably not find elsewhere. We are also committed to keeping you up to date and informed on all our actions and working carefully to ensure that we represent you as an individual business.

If you’re ready to free up time and resources by hiring an outside agency to handle collections for you, then now is the time to call Cascade Collections. We’ll schedule an initial consultation and take you through the options available to you. We’d like to hear your concerns and challenges and see if we can alleviate the worry that comes with financial tasks. Keep in mind that we work with a collections attorney which opens up a plethora of legal avenues that help us be more effective in our collecting.

Your profession requires you to be great at what you do, but it’s probably true that you’re not very good at collecting. Why not use professionals who have honed techniques and resources to get the job done properly and well? Don’t hesitate any longer. Give Cascade Collections a call today and let us start collecting for you.