How to Manage Personal Finances Part 1

Money is an issue that for most of us, is fraught with worry, fear, and anxiety. We mostly feel like there is never enough and spend our lives scheming about how to get more, how to make our rent or car payments. The constant, nagging trouble with money is that we can’t really live without it, so it becomes an incessant concern.

If your finances seem to be out of order, your problems with cash only worsen. There are ways you can take control of your finances and make those headaches go away. Be consistent in applying these principles to yourself, because ti’s no use making changes and then returning to old habits.

It does take a little work and organization to order your finances but the peace of mind is well worth the time. immediately sit down and make a list of your priorities. What do you want for your life? Do you want to go to school? Travel? Buy a home? Do you want to be able to donate to charity? What kind of a person do you want to be? Think about what you really want and then save your money to be able to achieve these goals. Having a vision board or some other such inspirational reminder can help you stay on track and avoid spending money on unnecessary items.

Now that you’ve set your priorities it’s time to make a plan. Your finances won’t order themselves. A plan means a budget. Granted, a budget can sound like a dirty word to some of us. ‘It’s very restrictive’, we think, ‘I need flexibility.’ But a budget is what gives you, eventually, the life you want. Be realistic in what you allocate to certain needs, bills have to be paid first, allocate a set amount for food, gas, insurance, entertainment, clothes and other necessities. Then, set aside an amount to save every month.

Start with these tow main concepts and next time, we’ll give you more tips on how to manage your finances.