Holidays and Money

It’s fall and we all love this time of year, don’t we? The bite in the air, the crunching leaves, the hot apple cider. We’re enjoying the carved pumpkins on front porches, the brilliant red sunsets, the smoke rising from chimneys. Soon we’ll see little children haunting the streets in their costumes–little ghosts and superheroes and fairies clutching their trick or treat bags or pillowcases full of candy. Autumn just has a certain magic to it that makes everything a bit more exciting. And, there’s the anticipation of the holidays coming up, which for many means gathering with family and friends, lots of good food and staying inside, keeping warm, having parties, and playing games.

For many of us though, there can be a downside to all this festivity–the holidays are when we start to feel a pinch when it comes to money. We know we’re going to have to get gifts, we may be traveling, and we may be hosting a holiday event or going out to various venues–movies, plays, concerts. If you’re worried about where the money will come from for the next few months, it can be hard to enjoy this otherwise enchanting season.

What happens if you’re owed money? This can be the most difficult time of year for collecting. Everyone is feeling strapped for cash. But if you are owed money and you want help collecting it, Cascade Collections is a great place to start (and finish!) The team at Cascade Collections is a group of dedicated individuals who have a variety of means at their disposal to help us collect for you. Whether the debt owed to you is large or small, from a family member, friend, business or client, we can help. We’ve got a proven record of helping both companies and individuals collect what is due them.

Let your upcoming holidays be merry, bright, and prosperous, call Cascade Collections today for a free consultation.