Communicating With Debtors

In our line of work, good communication is key. Debtors are in financial trouble, that’s almost always the case. It follows, then, that they are under a fair amount of stress and discussing money issues is not pleasant for them.

As debt collectors, our greatest challenge is persuading debtors to make payments in a timely and consistent manner. Truly, some debtors have no intention of ever paying off their debts, but most are just in a tough situation and don’t know how they’ll make good on their obligations.

We believe that in order to be great debt collectors, it’s imperative to have good relationships with the debtors. That means we are always professional and we stay focused on the issue at hand.

In general, there are three types of debtors. First, there are those who wish to pay but are genuinely in dire straits financially and can’t see how to pay. Then, there are those who delay payments for reasons known only to them. Finally, there are those who never intend to pay.

For the first two categories of debtors, there is always a good way to work with them that can be fair for the client as well as the debtor. If you’re dealing with the first two kinds and you don’t want to have to turn them over to debt collections, there are some steps you can take.

First, keep sending them the bill every month, reminding them that they owe you money. Be sure to send out past-due notices as well. Do not harass, or say threatening things as this will immediately turn a debtor away. Instead be professional. If you leave a message on the debtor’s phone, be specific and brief. A great way to get them to commit is to give them a variety of options for payment plans and let them choose which works best for them.

In the end, if your tactics do not yield results, you’ll want a reputable debt collector who has many more tools and much more experience. Cascade Collections can be that collector for you. Give us a call for a free consultation.