Avoid Credit Card Fraud

Last time we discussed ways that you can avoid getting deeply in debt. Today, we’d like to share with you ways that you can avoid credit card fraud. This is an important issue that is becoming more and more relevant as thieves are ever more sophisticated in their ability to steal your information.

First, and perhaps most obviously, keep your credit cards in a safe and secure place. Don’t carry more than what you’ll be using that day, if you have several credit cards leave most of them at home and only carry the one that you’ll need on any given day.

Receipts and other documents that show your credit card number should be shredded, not just simply tossed into the trash. If you have an expired credit card or one you no longer use, cut it up and dispose of it immediately.

A credit card receipt without an amount on it should raise all kinds of red flags and you should not sign it. Any blank lines where tips or other things could be added need to be filled in with the amount you want or should have a 0 written on them or a line slashed through them.

Don’t give out your credit card information to just anyone. If you receive a call or an email from someone and they are claiming they need credit card information, you will want to be very wary . Do not give this information to them. In addition, when using your card to make purchases online only trust websites that are secure and that you know are well-regarded.

If you lose your credit card or it is stolen, call your credit card company and let them know right away. This way, you’ll ensure that it is canceled before many fraudulent purchases can be made.

At Cascade Collections, we want everyone to be wise with their money and their assets. And if you’re owed money, we’d like to help your recover it. Give us a call for a free consultation.